How to Survive & Thrive During
The Coming Global Financial Crisis

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If you've been paying attention to world events, you will already know that something serious is brewing. A crisis is emerging that involves the entire global financial system, markets, and even the stability of nations themselves. But there's much more to this fast-developing story ...

It all started back in 2008, when the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit the news. Governments around the world immediately panicked and spent billions of dollars on bailing out banks and other financial institutions - in the hope of restoring confidence and avoiding a systemic collapse of the entire system. They also embarked on massive financial stimulus programmes, in an attempt to reflate the sagging economy and get the credit markets working again.

But nothing has worked as expected. The money has simply disappeared down a bottomless black hole - money that must ultimately be paid back by taxpayers. What's worse, all that spending has had a perverse unintended consequence - to trigger a sovereign debt crisis caused by the unmanageable debt levels incurred by spendthrift governments. And this new crisis foretells its own unintended consequence - a global currency crisis.

Are You Prepared to Weather The Gathering Storm?

The economic and financial situation now unfolding is ushering in something unprecedented in our lifetime - the real possiblity of a long "New Depression". Or even worse, a global financial collapse and the resultant political aftershock - the disintegration of governments and social order around the world.

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see where all this is going. Just witness the examples of Greece, Spain - and more countries to come - where austerity measures are tearing at the fabric of Western social welfare states and bringing angry people out on to the streets. Governments are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand their annual deficits and public debt levels are unsustainable, while on the other hand their ability to raise the necessary cash is severely constrained.

Governments have only three ways to get the money to pay for things. They either do it by taxation, borrowing, or (in the last resort) by turning on the "printing" presses and creating paper money out of nothing. Western democracies are at the upper limits of taxation already. They are also at the limit of their borrowing capacity. That leaves only the printing press - a process which inevitably debases the currency. And it is this impending currency crisis, and the political fallout from it, that poses the most serious threat to our way of life.

Fall Victim to The "New Depression", or Survive And Thrive?

It is at critical times like this, when history is in the throes of "rewriting" the established order of things, that you need to keep your head and think seriously about how you intend to survive. Not everyone is so concerned though. The majority of folk will sit in front of their TVs, read their newspapers, go to work, and carry on living as if nothing is happening - totally oblivious to the financial "hurricane" bearing down on them. But if you've read this far, then I'm sure that does not include you.

The mass media, political leaders and various opinion makers will continue to utter smooth words of assurance, not wanting to cause panic or frighten the horses. And they will do so right up until the financial storm hits, when they will express surprise that such a thing could happen. But you cannot afford to wait, unconcerned, then wake up one morning to hear about such an event - after it has already hit. No, the only sane course of action is to become informed as to exactly what is happening, and to how best prepare yourself for it. And it is for this reason I have published eight Private Intelligence Reports, which are written to clearly explain the present situation and to offer practical strategies for dealing with it. I call this series of eight reports ... 

The Financial Crisis Survival Dossier

There are eight critical areas of concern that need to be fully understood, when confronting the financial crisis that is developing, and I address each one in my Private Intelligence Reports:

Report #1 - The Financial Crisis Crossroads
This 6 page report provides an overview of the present global situation and how we got into this mess. It’s important to understand how this financial crisis started and how each distinct event is an “unintended” consequence of the previous one. In this way you will grasp the overall “lay of the land” which will make the remaining reports more understandable. More importantly, having a good grasp of the fundamentals will enable you to make important decisions with confidence.

Report #2 - The Sovereign Manifesto
This 21 page report covers something very important, but more philosophical in nature. One of the ways we can deal with the impending crisis is in how we see the world and our place in it - our "world view". This report examines eight cultural myths that are ultimately destructive of our own interests - and in large measure responsible for the present deteriorating situation. And in the world as it is becoming, it is imperative to understand how these myths have shaped our thinking, the world we live in - and how changing our perceptions can radically change our life outcome.

Report #3 - The Freedom Enigma
This 16 page report deals with the subject of freedom, your freedom - the freedom to lead life as you choose and see fit. An unwanted by-product of the financial crisis is increasing government intrusion into our lives. Any crisis always brings popular demands for government to "do something". And they are more than willing to comply, by asserting more and more centralised control over everything, thus threatening our freedom. This report tackles the issue of individual freedom - how to both acquire it and hold on to it - from a scientific and philosophical perspective. It also  discloses a bullet-proof practical solution for avoiding the worst excesses of increasingly totalitarian government.

Report #4 - Offshore Banking Blueprint
This 18 page report deals with the nitty-gritty of offshore banking, which is one thing you can do right now to secure your existing cash. It could get ugly on the "home" front and an offshore bank account is your first line of defence in protecting what is rightfully yours. The report discloses the important things you need to know about offshore banks and opening an account. It also provides my specific recommendations for certain banks, along with full contact information to enable you to open an account directly.

Report #5 - Asset Protection Handbook
This 8 page report gives a concise overview of what asset protection is, why you need it, and the critical areas you need to understand to ensure you can protect what you already have - whether from a litigation-happy populace, a disgruntled spouse, or a voracious government. One of the nasty by-products of government austerity programmes and increasing economic hardship is the way you can easily become a target - someone with something worth "stealing". The report provides concise information on how to set up your asset protection structures correctly, as well as information on how to get such set up quickly.

Report #6 - The Gold Money Conspiracy
This 11 page report deals with one of the most critical areas of the emerging situation - the potential currency crisis - and reveals the essence of what a proven protective strategy is. More importantly, it discloses something of major significance, something which will put you to great advantage if you take heed. Since going off the gold standard we have been subjected to what can only be described as a grand "Ponzi" scheme, where fiat paper money has been forced on us by government edict. This money system is cracking up and you need to know how to deal with it. The information in this report alone could literally save you from the worse financial consequences of a currency crisis.

Report #7 - Secret of Money Creation
This 12 page report looks at how to avoid one of the worst effects of any major economic downturn - unemployment. Given the indebtedness of most people, usually by way of a mortgage on one’s home and overuse of credit cards, any sudden loss of employment can have disastrous consequences. Most people are not prepared for loss of income, and in most cases are unable to financially survive more than a month or two. Losing one's job can be financially catastrophic and can set you back years, if not decades. One sure way out of this dilemma is to understand the limitations of being “employed”, and to learn the secret of being your own money “creator”. A simple change in understanding has the power to change not only the way you think, but act.

Report #8 - Crisis Investment Strategies
This 8 page report looks at one of the key survival strategies in any economic crisis - knowing where to put your money for the greatest security and return. And more importantly, it discloses what significant trends are underway which point to long term profitable outcomes. A financial crisis is inherently dangerous for the status quo, including many presently accepted investment strategies, and simply going on as you have before is no longer an option. But a crisis also offers opportunities, and knowing where things are headed, and having actionable intelligence as to where to find such opportunities certainly puts you ahead of the pack. If you take the recommendations in this report seriously, then you could literally turn a bad situation into something positive on a personal financial level.

The eight Private Intelligence Reports outlined above present a cohesive philosophy, analysis, strategy and action plan - providing the necessary steps you need to take in order to survive and thrive during the coming financial crisis. Keep reading to find out how to get your hands on them.

But who am I, and why have I written these reports? Well, my name is David MacGregor and I've been studying geopolitical trends now for over 20 years. I have spent the last 12 years living "off the grid" and working full time online - from various locations in the world - offering my consulting services via an exclusive private membership club. This independent lifestyle has provided me with the freedom and opportunity to thoroughly research the reasons for the critical economic and political situation we now find ourselves in - and to dig behind and beyond the news to understand the underlying forces that are driving current events. During this time many hundreds of people, from all over the world, have benefited from my ideas, analysis, writings and recommendations. And many of them have taken the time to write to me to express their appreciation - as per the following genuine testimonials:

Just Some of The Comments Received
From Readers of My Many Reports - All of
Which Are on File in Their Original Format

"Your reports are some of the most fascinating and informative I've ever read (and I subscribe to plenty). A profound perspective on the world that few enlightened individuals will ever possess. Keep up the good work!" - Chris L

"Dear David, I wanted you to know how much I have learned from you. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful information I have received. I stumbled into finding your website. I have been absorbing as much as a can read. I read it all! You have given me a sense of peace that I am not alone in the way I feel about sovereignty. I know that I have many options now because of your emails and reports. I know the time is coming soon to make the necessary changes to my life." - Elizabeth Toplin

"Dear David, I must say I am very impressed with your information. My joy is to read your e-mails and they are my eye-opener. I have high opinion of your knowledge and it is very appopriate with my thinking." - Dung Anh Nguyen

"I'd like to once again join my compliments to those who have offered far more eloquent praises for your writing ability. It is one thing to be a word-smith, and quite another to aggregate the huge amount of inflowing data we are being bombarded with daily and re-presenting it to your readers in a well-thought-out analysis. Quite simply, I enjoy reading your commentaries, even as I receive actionable intelligence from them." - El Hombre Viejo

"Dear David, I wanted to thank you for your work and tell you that it’s given me a whole new way of looking at my future (I’m not-too-bad 64... so it was time). It's also helping me plan for that and avoid a max of problems." - Maureen Abbott

"David, I continue to enjoy your insightful and outspoken views and interpretations of our society and how it affects each one of us. Keep it up and much success with the new format. I await your next tryst each time in comes to my email box." - James Still

"Hi David, just to say thanks for all the brilliant stuff - newsletters, book recommendations and all the fabulous stuff that's changed and still changing my life." - Jack White

"Dear David, got the report! If I were younger, I would be Gung Ho to go, but I'm eighty now, and just want to protect what is left, for my sons. Your articles are nothing short of great, and I hope millions will follow, but I'm thinking most are of the "sheep" variety. Once you're in the harnesses, it's hard to free yourself." - Tom Zagel

"Thank you for all of the wonderful advice and the tools that you give in your reports. I appreciate that I do not get inundated with fluffy emails from you every day, and when I get an email from you, I can know that I WANT to read it, because it is always to the point and often full of information that - although I may not be able to get to it now - I know is of importance and should be addressed at the earliest convenience." - Jennifer Reel

"I have been really enjoying your reports, jam-packed with insights from striving for clarity on the real important challenges of our times - both globally and personally. It cuts through all of the garbage and gets right to the core of things." - Don S

Invaluable Information at a Bargain Price

Useful information does not gain its value from its size - the number of pages or words - but from the quality of it. And so it is with these eight Private Intelligence Reports. They won't bog you down with detail, or drag on forever. No, what you receive is concise information with a razor-sharp focus - information that will make a difference to how you think - and act.

I could easily charge $20 for each of the eight reports in The Financial Crisis Survival Dossier - and I'm sure you'd be happy with your purchase. But I'm on a mission here. I'm passionate about the ideas and strategies I disclose. I live them and act on them myself. And one of the great things about what I do is that I get to see people's lives change for the better as a result of being exposed to them. So no, I'm not asking you for $160 or more for this dossier of reports. Just $37 will do it. And I'm sure you'll agree, once you've read my reports, that it is certainly a modest price to pay for the beneficial impact such information can have on your life.

For do not forget, we live in most difficult times, when the vary nature and foundations of society and its institutions are shifting as if on tectonic plates. My Financial Crisis Survival Dossier will open your eyes to alternative ideas and strategies, and will put you among a very small minority of people - those who know what to do in order to both survive and thrive during these difficult economic times.

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To your personal and financial success.

David MacGregor

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